About Our Brand

 Our Vision

We are an innovative apparel company seeking to celebrate all healthcare professionals dedicated to building HEALTHY communities while channeling their own professional growth and success.


The Mission

The @publichealthresources platform was founded by two passionate public health professionals who provide career development and support services worldwide. 

We launched this platform in March 2020 in an effort to share opportunities that catered to our very interdisciplinary background of healthcare professionals. Shortly after, the CORONAVIRUS pandemic hit and many students and professionals had no choice but to resort to virtual meetings, commencements, networking, and more. This is inspired us to launch @degreedapparel as a means to celebrate virtually through a photoshoot, social media feature, LinkedIn shoutout, and more. Be sure to grab your own shirt and tag us using the hashtag #MasteredDoctored.

Professional Development 

Job Searching is a full time job in itself and can be super overwhelming and daunting. Most people seek out opportunities through online searches and by joining listservs. There are hundreds of job boards out there, as well as apps, aggregators, social media channels, networking groups and staffing company websites to choose from. The beauty of Public Health Resources is that all the latest opportunities posted are industry-specific and cater to all the general and the specialized services that you have shared with us via IG and email.

Let us know how we can help YOU win your next big opportunity and finally check off that milestone 👊🏾

From keyword-optimized CV/resume reviews to mock interviews, we offer career support, personalized guidance, and a range of resources, ensuring that you acquire the skills and know-how to achieve your life goals. 

Contact us at publichealthresources1@gmail.com